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About Us

A Family of Partnerships:

Our strength lies in the close-knit family of partnerships we’ve forged with food ingredient producers worldwide. This collaborative spirit reflects our enduring commitment to excellence. Meet our team of enthusiastic young professionals whose fresh perspective and dedication inspire us to embrace the future with optimism. With decades of experience in sourcing and importing top-quality products, we understand the subtleties of every ingredient and are here to share that knowledge with you.


Safety Policy
Social Responsibility
ISO 22000:2018 Certificate

  1. Aromat Hellas

    1969 - Company's Inception in Food Ingredients Sector

    The company began its journey in the food ingredients sector, navigating through challenging periods characterized by high customs duties and restrictive economic policies affecting the fragile food industry.

    50 Years

  2. Aromat Hellas

    1986 - Rebranding to John Mamalos & Co OE “AROMAT Hellas®

    The company underwent a significant rebranding, amending its status and name to align with its evolving identity and market presence.

    50 Years

  3. Aromat Hellas

    2001 - Investment in Modern Facilities

    Aiming for modernization and compliance with international quality standards, the company invested in new private storage facilities featuring controlled environment conditions and advanced storage & loading/unloading systems.

    5O Years

  4. Aromat Hellas

    2014 - Name Change to AROMAT Hellas Ο.Ε.

    On February 26, 2014, the firm's name was updated to ``AROMAT Hellas Ο.Ε.`` to better reflect its international presence and ambitions.

    50 Years

  5. Aromat Hellas

    2018 - 2nd Generation of Innovative and Youthful Leadership

    The company is transferred to Eleanna & Andreas Mamalos, bringing in young, capable executives to drive its vision forward with anticipation and optimism.

    50 Years

  6. Aromat Hellas

    2023 - To the Future

    With completed automation of business model and ISO22000:2018 certification, the company is driving forward into the future.

    50 Years

Worldwide Partners

Global leaders in the food industry trust AROMAT HELLAS as their valued partner. From renowned flavor houses to top-tier stabilizer producers, our worldwide partners rely on us to bring their quality ingredients to you. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering standards have earned us their trust.

Company Facilities

Staying compliant with ever-changing regulations is our pledge, allowing you to focus on the growth of your products. Our partners blend science and know-how to create ingredients that not only meet regulatory standards but also excel in performance and quality


50+ years in the international food ingredients’ market, with matching know-how and ability to troubleshoot the often complex issues arising in the international markets.

Custom Solutions

Tailored to your needs, our custom solutions enhance your production. We work closely with you to provide ingredients and services that match your needs.

Customer Care

Our business model is heavily customer oriented. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with product inquiries, technical support, and regulatory compliance. Your success is our priority.

Some of our Trusted Customers

Clients across Greece and Europe trust us to consistently deliver exceptional results. We don't just serve our clients, we listen, provide market intelligence, inspire, and offer customized solutions.