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Surface Treatment

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Polishing & Coating Agents

We are pioneers in introducing products for surface treatment and coating of your products. We specialize in providing top-notch glazing, sealing, antisticking, and coated acid products. Rely on us to understand your needs and address your unique challenges with precision and expertise, offering tailor-made solutions for every application.

Our wide range of products is tailored to meet your unique needs in the complex field of surface processing and coatings. We also offer coating products that align with modern trends such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, clean label, etc., as well as meeting all religious and cultural requirements such as halal, kosher, etc. Lastly, all our products are Non-GMO.


Antisticking Agents: Our antisticking agents designed to prevent chewing gum, caramel, and jelly products from sticking together, facilitating production, preventing losses and ensuring an irresistible appearance every time.

Glazing Agents: Our glossing agents, based on arabic gum and/or natural waxes, provide a perfect glossy shine to chocolate-coated products as well as hard or soft sugar-coated candies, adding brilliance and added value.

Sealing Agents: Continuous protection of your products, whether coated with chocolate or sugar, is achieved with our unique products based on natural shellac resin. Our sealing agents ensure the shine of the product and prevent the migration of moisture and/or fat, maintaining its high quality and appearance throughout its lifespan. We offer also vegan solution for sealing agents without shellac.

Coated Acids: If you want to give an acidic or salty coating to your confectionery products while maintaining their sweet and fruity taste inside, then coated acids are the solution. These organic acids or salts are skillfully coated with a non-reactive fat layer, achieving stunning results without side effects.

Release Agents for Machinery and Anti-Stick Molds: Achieve smooth production of hard and soft candies with the right oils, ensuring optimal and continuous separation. Additionally, our antisticking agents are particularly useful for demolding bakery products and in the production of pasta. Protect the sensitive mechanical parts of your equipment from damage and unnecessary waste of money.

Pre-Coating Agents: If you have cores with a fairly uneven surface, with a high moisture or oil content, pre-coating systems can properly prepare your cores before confectionery coating, ensuring successful results.

Dipping Bath Solutions: For coated licorice or fruit products, our coating solutions provide a shiny finish and excellent non-stick properties, enhancing overall attractiveness.