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Aromat Hellas Brochure
AROMAT Hellas®, in its striving for perfection, provides new and innovative products and constantly supports customers with formulations and advice in order to gain and retain their con-fidence. That is why we represent exclusively Silesia, a company with a fully developed R&D department that makes it the world expert in flavours for the food industry.

A flavour is a complex mixture of raw or semi-processed mate-rials, which give taste and aroma to foodstuffs. These materials are elementary building blocks that make a foodstuff unique and incomparable.
Flavours are natural, nature identical, artificial, and have various forms:
Liquid form flavours
Low-viscosity liquid flavours
Medium to high viscosity liquid flavours
Clouding emulsions for drinks
Powder form flavours
Powder flavours
Spray-dried flavours
Encapsulated flavours
The magic touch of flavour is found in almost any foodstuff.
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