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Based on its thorough knowledge of the market AROMAT Hellas®, brings to its clients the best glazing and anti-sticking agents used for the surface treatment and glazing of all types of confectionery, from the biggest worldwide manufacturer of such products, CAPOL GmbH.

CAPOL® and CAPOLEX® agents provide high gloss and anti-sticking efficiency. They are very stable, economical, easily applied and have a neutral taste. They are water-free and contain neither fats nor mineral hydrocarbons such as paraffin oils or waxes and they protect heavily stressed machinery parts from corrosion.

Both CAPOL® and CAPOLEX® agents are available in liquid paste and solid forms, and comply fully with EU directives on food additives and with national food laws and regulations in most countries worldwide, including Greece.
The main types and uses are:
CAPOL® Glazing: For chocolate-coated centres, hard and soft sugar- coated pieces.
CAPOL® Anti-sticking: For moulded gums and jellies and for extruded and moulded liquorice.
CAPOLEX® Release/Anti-sticking: Used in the production of high boiled sweets and bakery goods.
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