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Our activation in the food ingredients sector began back in 1969. Together we faced the difficult periods of high duties customs restrictions and many more obstacles, set by our
economy to the fragile food industry.

Over the times, significant progress has been achieved.

We acquired valuable experience and “know-how” in our field.

Establishing exclusive collaborations with some of the major food ingredients producers worldwide, we bring their products to you with consequence and reliability.

In 1986 we amended the status to John Mamalos & Co OE “AROMAT Hellas®”.

During 2001, with our scope towards modernization and comp-liance with the international quality standard in our installations & services, we invested in new private storage facilities with conditions of controlled environment and the latest storage & load/unload systems.

Manning our company with young capable members – execu-tives with objective & target, eager to work – is one step
we believe, that allows us to vision the future with anticipation and optimism.

Since 26/02/2014, our firm name has changed to "AROMAT Hellas Ο.Ε." in an attempt to better facilitate our international presence

Our constant objective though, remains the seek of “innovation the new idea or application” that will improve production & productivity, rendering food sector into one to the healthier of our economy.

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