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PB Gelatins
Gelatin Food
Texture and feeling in the mouth are like taste considered as “delight factors” in food products. Gelatin provides texture and moreover it possesses the unique thermo reversible characteristic, which makes it melt in the mouth, resulting in the typical pleasant feeling in the mouth. Unlike other hydrocolloids, pH, cations or soluble solids do almost not influence gelation, which makes it a very easy to use and cost efficient hydrocolloid.

The unique and multifunctional properties in combination with the quality and the shelf life of gelatin-based products make gelatin the right choice for many food products.

Gelatin is a natural, high quality food ingredient that contains no fat, no carbohydrates, no cholesterol, no preservatives and no allergens.

By the increasing demand of today’s consumer for natural and healthy food, which consequently has good taste and an appealing texture, gelatin is now, more than ever, the right choice.

Gel strength is expressed in (gram) Bloom. Commercial gelatins may vary from low Bloom (<150) over medium Bloom (150 - 220) to high Bloom (> 220) types.

In the food industry, gelatin is applied in a great variety of products.

Confectionery: Gummy bears and alike, marshmallows, fruit chews and toffees, but also as a binder in tablets and as a film-forming agent in coated articles.
Dairy & desserts: Ice-cream, yoghurts, ready-to-eat desserts, mousses, low fat spreads and of course the typical “gelatin desserts” or table jellies.
Meat: Gelatin is commonly applied in aspics and savoury jellies, but is also used in canned products.
Wines and juices: Gelatin also performs very well in the clarification of wines and juices.
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